• Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru Professor PhD.Dr.Habil. ‘Timotheus’ Brethren Theological Institute of Bucharest, Romania


Morality, ethics, values


Moral values ​​are those that guide ethics. Ethics comes from the Greek ethos, which usually has meaning, and Aristotle, who used the term, studied people’s behaviors to see their tendencies, the relationship between morality and people’s actions, which were either moral or less moral. Ethics is the science that deals with the study of the main patterns of behavior and their relationship with morality. Christian ethics deals with the study of human behavior in the light of scriptural teachings and predominantly the Ten Commandments, and can conclude that ethics is meant to be a study of proper, harmonious and just behavior, and morality is the foundation of ethics. Parents are the first to lay the foundations for the later moral and ethical behavior of children, and the child will not necessarily become what the parent wants, but what he is, because he copies more what he sees than what he hears, to which he will add the values ​​discovered in the formative process of education. Morality teaches us how to think healthily, and ethics teaches us how to act in this direction.



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