Communication of Human Dignity — An approach on Human Rights


In this article, I intend to study the subject of human dignity which could be seen trough the human rights point of view. When we look at the map of the world we could see that the topic of human dignity and religious freedom is really a current issue which must be on the agenda of the most powerful nations. There have been a lot of questions that we need to ask before we will take a deeply view at this matter. The questions which I am going to ask here is trying to put this topic in the context of contemporary as a remarkable requirement for the whole world. Could it be a real relationship between human dignity and religious freedom in matter of meaning and practice? Which is currently the truth regarding the presence of human dignity in the world? How could human dignity be more real in the countries where there is no religious freedom for all citizens? Could one country be considered as a civilized one without a deep understanding and real implementation of religious liberty principles for all people? How the discrimination on a di?erent group of people could a?ect all the nation and then all the world? Could human dignity become a concept made possible in the world trough the education of people? How the economics could contribute to a country in the process of establishing human dignity? Could this kind of education be managed by a government or by some administrative regions or by United Nations?
KEY WORDS: human dignity, religious freedom, human rights, discrimination, management, communication, United Nations


2016-12-26 — Updated on 2020-06-12


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