Religion and Religiosity — Divine or Human?

Is there such a thing as a wrong religion?


  • Cosmin Tudor Ciocan Fr. Lecturer PhD, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania


The era of finding “the real” religious answer by fighting against all other pre-existing religious phenomenon and by ongoing splitage of Christianity—as well as in any other religion—has to become more peaceful and be replaced with the inner search rather than the outer research. This is the main point of not having all religious manifestations compared and dissected in the quest of finding peculiar aspects that might serve as proofs against its designation as “the divine commandment” given directly by God specifically for “certain,” elected people. My point in asking if “there is such thing as a wrong religion” is but to underline the human aspect in building any kind of religiosity, anyone can follow or not, regardless idealist target of its proposal and moreover the divine ownership suggested by its leadership. In this regard, the single factor of research over the religious phenomenon should be the inner relief, comfort, and peace, without external fights, accusations, and slander.
KEY WORDS: religiosity, sacredness, anthropological theory, religious pluralism, religious manifestations, human worship



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