Moral Autonomy and Responsibility - The Reformation’s Legacy in Today’s Society


  • Consuela Wagner PhD, Institut für Bildung und Persönlichkeitsförderung, P?nztal, Germany


Reformation, moral autonomy, responsibility


The Reformation Movement laid the foundation for two fundamental human values: moral autonomy and personal responsibility, whose rediscovery had a strong resonance. Later, these were taken over and themed by Enlightenment, in modern society, representing the essential characteristics of an adult personality. To what extent are these still relevant in the 21st century? An analysis of the current society ?nds that the very complexity of the 21st century overwhelms the individual being a call for developing autonomy and personal responsibility. In achieving this goal, the present society needs to promote these two values as the target of the educational process and, at the same time, to create a social framework favorable to their development.
KEYWORDS: Reformation, moral autonomy, responsibility, self-determination, thinking ability, education, socialization



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