Some Perspectives on Religion, the Effects of Globalization and the Universalization of the Christian Message


  • Cristian Vasile Petcu Ovidius University of Constanța, Romania


Human creativity has always generated new cultures, both material and non-material, such as ideas, objects, beliefs, traditions, customs, behavior, language, culture, institutions, etc. These diverse dimensions, often associated with spirituality, through which man manifested his presence in the cosmos, are real testimonies to his desire to find himself in a matrix that enables him to express himself to eternity. A kind of pattern with which to quantify and authenticate the diversity of expressions that define it. In other words, to analyze and measure his existence everywhere and always with the same measure. An act to univocally unify and universalize the specifics of all the parts that make it up in being. From the perspective of religion, however, it is definitely about something much deeper than the diversity of presence and creation through which man defines and measures the dimensions of his own worlds, because regardless of whether they are grounded in the sacred, the transcendent or the spirit, religion remains indisputably the unmistakable testimony of God’s presence and, at the same time, of the multiple and diverse forms of manifestations through which the divine reveals its Being. These global human diversities reflect the way in which the identity of faith, founded on the conviction that God has revealed himself and on the dogmatic truths that testify to this fact, such as: the teaching about the creation of the world, the continuous presence of God in creation, the struggle of the Church to defend religious convictions, of the emblematic saints and martyrs who contributed to the foundation of the common memory in the great spiritual community of the Kingdom of God, highlights the image of a history based on the diversity of epiphanies and theophanies. In order to perpetuate these virtues and values of faith, this study is addressed to the generations in search of and building their own paradise, from the perspective of the relationship between the globalized world, which proposes a revalued life, and the dissemination of the Christian message that the Church of Christ addresses to all nations (Matthew 28: 19).



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