Taming the Tongue: James 3:1–12


  • Goran Medved “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


This article provides an exegetical insight into James 3:1-12, a text that discusses the topic of taming the tongue. The text encompasses several genres, such as homiletics, wisdom, and parenesis. It has one particular translation issue. It contains several illustrations, mostly from nature. Its literary style is influenced by Jewish wisdom literature, Greco-Roman rhetoric and style, and the sayings of Jesus. The theme of speech appears in other parts of this epistle and connects this text with the broader biblical context of wisdom literature and deuterocanonical wisdom books. With clear, strong, and memorable wording, this text warns readers about the dangers of uncontrolled speech and emphasizes the need to tame the tongue. The purpose of this article is to highlight the profound significance of the message found in James 3:1-12, emphasizing its implications for Christians. KEYWORDS: James 3:1-12, tongue, speech, exhortation



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