Leadership and Management in Educational Intrapreneurship in Romania


  • Enache Tușa „Ovidius” University of Constanța, Constanța, Romania


Through its dimensions, leadership is considered a dynamic process of organizing and coordinating a group of people, building and developing relationships at the group level, which mobilizes the members of the organization and determines them for a standard, shared vision of the organization, increasing the institution’s performance, quality, but also the facilitation of change at the level of the respective organization (Stegăroiu et al. 2019). Practical aspects, experiences, and theoretical approaches in the field of education have highlighted the existence of mutual determinations and correlations between educational leadership and positive changes made at the level of the school organization, embodied in the flexibility of teaching staff, their enthusiasm and openness to new things, to innovation. This approach aims to identify, synthesize, complete, and explain leadership in educational intrapreneurship - increasing the academic quality within the organization as a result of capitalizing on the intrapreneurial skills of the leader in the context of making changes permanent. Through the theoretical-methodological approach, the author proposed to make a valuable and relevant contribution to the existing practice, considering the investigative approach as representing the beginning of a process and not its end. The article emphasizes the importance of embracing change and developing intrapreneurial leadership in school organizations to adapt to the evolving socio-economic, cultural, and political landscape.



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