Elements of Energy Geopolitics


  • Alexandru Petrea PhD student, Doctoral School of the “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Academy, Chisinău, Republic of Moldova


This article delves into energy geopolitics as a complex field involving the analysis of how states and international actors interact to ensure access, control and efficient use of energy resources - oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power. Collaboration in joint projects such as gas pipelines or renewable energy projects can be a key element in establishing strategic relationships. A crucial aspect of energy geopolitics is the degree of dependence of some countries on energy resources and, in this sense, states that hold significant resources often have a strategic advantage, being able to influence geopolitical relations by providing or restricting access to these resources. This article also explores the transportation routes whose control gives states significant influence in geopolitical dynamics, vulnerabilities and energy security, the transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources, and the extraordinary impact of technological advances.



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