The Influence of Globalization on Fragmegration* of Culture


  • Samuiel Bâlc Bâlc Assoc. Prof. PhD, Theological Baptist Institute Bucharest Romania


Given that each generation brings new elements and values di?erent from those before it, the style and forms of life are constantly changing and the known traditional models have come to be considered obsolete. In such a society, man has to face an avalanche of information, habits, beliefs, and even religions. Cultures, characteristic of peoples or geographical areas, have become increasingly intertwined, coexisting in the same society, and exerting a particular pressure on the formation of the individual. The phenomenon of globalization has come to have a growing in?uence on culture. On the one hand, one can see a tendency of fragmegration of culture, and on the other hand an attempt to integrate culture into a wider space. This integration does not involve a cultural leveling. This article emphasizes both the in?uence of globalization on the fragmegration of culture and the need to change the understanding of culture in relation to previous generations. A proper understanding of globalization and culture gives the world the opportunity to get out of the deepest crisis they are in.

KEY WORDS: globalization, culture, in?uence, faith, society



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