The Offense of Failure to Declare Information. Some Moral and Legal Issues


  • Nicoleta-Elena Hegheș PhD, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, Bucharest, Romania


crime, moral-immoral, omission, pandemic, public health


The offenses of forgery are provided in Title VI of the Special Part of the Criminal Code, and the newly introduced offense, respectively the omission of declaring information was introduced in Chapter III - False documents, after the offense False statements. This legislative change was necessary in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, especially since the facts of falsehood seriously undermine the truth and trust that must lead to the formation and development of human relations. Without the duty of respect for the truth and without the feeling of trust that the truth is actually respected, social relations would be possible only with difficult precautions and inevitable risks. Nobody knows exactly what the future holds for us, but surely society will change the economy, the medical system, the legal system, our lifestyle, etc.



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