• Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru


People are characterized by rationality, and rationality assumes the ability to think. Thinking has two sides, one informational, which reveals the content of thinking, and another operational, which reveals the functionality of thinking, the fact that it involves the transformation of information in order to acquire new knowledge or to solve problems. It is worth noting that human thinking is not uniform, but it depends on the education received in the family, in school or even through one’s own efforts. Some people think that to think critically means to be grumpy, opportunistic, to reject the ideas of others just for your own ideas to be imposed. Obviously, as human beings, this ability to think is extremely important because human life is much more complex than the life of any other creature, and because of this man needs a system of thinking to help him navigate through the complexity of life, and this help comes from critical thinking, which has precisely this role.



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