Method as Necessity – The Superstructure of Gnosticism in I. P. Culianu Analysis


  • Stelian Manolache Priest PhD Associate Professor, University Ovidius, Constanţa,Romania


Abstract: The disconcerting diversity of mythological contents conveyed by the literature related to ancient Gnosticism was a sufficiently prohibitive factor for all attempts at integrated analysis, systematization, or theological-historical evaluation of the origins and evolutions of this. Against this background, accurately locating the methodological limits of previous analytical attempts, I.P. Culianu managed, resorting to a radical paradigm shift, to establish a new way of researching gnosis, identifying and operationalizing a method capable of overcoming a good part of the difficulties previously recorded. Given the exceptional significance of this perspective of exploring the mythological contents of gnosis, our study aims to evaluate the Romanian scientist’s method, paying close attention to its theological significance precisely because ancient Gnosticism’s religious dimensions are indisputable and, implicitly, defining. Key words: Mircea Eliade, I.P.Culianu, invariants, Gnosticism, binomial



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