The Personal Duties of the Spouses Under Romanian Law


  • Ciprian Raul Romițan Lecturer Univ. PhD, “Romanian-American" University Partner of “Roș & Co” Law Firm, Bucharest, Romania


After the marriage is concluded, the man and the woman acquire the status of spouses, which confers on each of the two family members, among other things, a series of personal rights and duties. The study presents and analyzes the main duties (obligations) of the spouses, namely: duty of respect; duty of fidelity; duty of moral support; duty to live together; joint decision making (co-decision) by the spouses; and the names of the spouses during marriage. Also, as will result from this study, according to the legal provisions, each spouse must enjoy full independence as regards his or her personal life. In this respect, each of the spouses will decide on their health, their professional training and the establishment of friendship relations with other persons. KEY WORDS: spouses, personal duties, duty of respect, duty of fidelity, duty of mutual moral support, duty of living together



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