• Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru Professor PhD.Dr.Habil. ‘Timotheus’ Brethren Theological Institute of Bucharest, Romania


Recent research shows that the study of fiction books increases empathy, further contributing to the development of social relationships. Reading books helps us to understand ourselves and others better. As we become captivated by reading, we become more and more emotionally engaged in the lives of others, thus exercising a wide range of emotional manifestations and feelings in a safe area, ourselves not being affected. Fiction is otherwise processed at the level of the brain, compared to commercial messages, scientific articles, or articles in newspapers and magazines, producing a much stronger impression. For example, an article about how harmful alcohol is to our health only temporarily changes the reader’s perception of alcohol. Still, a novel about an alcoholic and the problems caused by alcohol consumption will make such strong impressions that it could permanently change the reader’s attitude towards that dependence. This is for the simple reason that we are much more willing to accept the assertions of some novel characters that we feel close to us by reading their life story than of some real people, which we do not know directly, such as an expert or a journalist who writes an article.



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